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Steganography on Audio Wave Tenth Layer by Using Signal to Noise Ratio Test and Spectrogram Analysesfree download ABSTRACT Digital communication has become an essential part of infrastructure nowadays, a lot of applications are Internetbased and it is important that communication be made secret.As a result, the security of information passed over an open channel has become a Enhanced Cloud Data Security using Combined Encryption and Steganography free download ABSTRACT -Security has become a wide necessity in day-today life. The data in our system is opened to high potential risks.

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The algorithm was designed to hide the data inputted within a record of a list of names A Secured Video Steganography by Linear Feedback Shift Register Methodfree download ABSTRACT In this paper, the secret message are directly hidden in an specific frame of the original video in a random order with the help of key values.

This key values is generated by using linear feedback shift register method.

This could be down by different Steganographic techniques like frequency domain, spatial domain.

While hiding the data in digital images may changes its statistical Key based Image Hiding Scheme using Space Domain Image Steganography free download RK Pathak 2018 The word steganography is derived from the Greek words stegos meaning cover and grqfia meaning writing hence, steganography means covered writing. the information either in image fonn or text form is hidden exclusively in images COMBINING STEGANOGRAPHY AND CRYPTOGRAPH TECHNIQUES FOR DATA SECURITY (CASE STUDY IN PT XYZ)free download ABSTRACT - Steganography and cryptography are two different techniques to maintain data confidentiality and integrity.

Further to increase the security level by applying Image Steganography free download ABSTRACT -Image Steganography is mainly used for hiding an image or secret message in a cover image.

For data hiding this technique is being widely used for so many years.By using a simple adjusting policy to the 1-dimentional (1-D) DCT coefficients, a large volume of secret A NEW COMBINED METHOD WITH HIGH SECURITY FOR DIGITAL IMAGES STEGANOGRAPHY BASED ON IMPERIALIST COMPETITIVE ALGORITHM ANDfree download ABSTRACT :-Today, with the growing expansion of information and communication technology, the world, through digital data, is moving to the digital world and communications.Meanwhile, the role of internet as a public communication channel is becoming more and Analysis of Effect of Spatial Domain Steganography Technique on DCT Domain using Statistical Features for Digital Imagesfree download ABSTRACT Steganography is an art of hiding secret data behind the digital images for covert communication.Much confidential information such as personal data, financial data, and even state secrets of confidential data needs to be protected so that it cannot be misused by others who are not authorized to do.One step for Image steganography algorithm based on edge re-gion detection and hybrid codingfree download K Gaurav, U Ghanekar- COMPUTER MODELLINGNEW, 2018 ABSTRACT In this paper, a novel steganography algorithm based on local reference edge detection technique and exclusive disjunction (XOR) property is proposed.Each Image Steganography and Data Security Approaches: A Reviewfree download ABSTRACT Images are used as the popular cover objects for steganography .A message is embedded in a digital image through an embedding algorithm, using the secret key.The new algorithm is based on hiding a large amount of data (image, audio, text) file into color BMP image.The adaptive Data Hiding with Adaptive Bitstream Steganography Cryptosystemfree download ABSTRACT : More recently, people are hiding secret messages in graphics images or audio or video.The most attractive and latest approach for A REVIEW AND OPEN ISSUES OF MULTIFARIOUS IMAGE STEGANOGRAPHY TECHNIQUES IN SPATIAL download ABSTRACT Nowadays, information hiding is becoming a helpful technique and fetch more attention due fast growth of using internet, it is applied for sending secret information by using different techniques.Steganography is one of major important technique in Steganography Method for Hiding Data In The Name_Field of A List of Names Created by Microsoft Wordfree download ABSTRACT This work presents a new algorithm to hide data inside data inside the name_field of a list of names created by Microsoft Word using steganography technique.


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