How To Write Rhetorical Essay

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Before we even get into analysis, you have to know what rhetoric is!

Rhetoric is the study of how writers and speakers use words to influence an audience.

A rhetorical analysis essay is different than a book report.

In a book report, you may give some background on the author and give a summary of what the book was about.

This is sometimes called a rhetorical analysis essay.

A regular rhetorical essay can be about any subject, but provides a line of reasoning, a summary of the line of reasoning, an explanation and clarification of what you think it means and why.

You have to give reasons why you have each opinion and the reasons have to make sense to the reader.

For example, you can not just write “I'm apposed to the healthcare plan.” You need to go into reasons why you are apposed to it, which may involve a little research.

It is a plan of actions for your future work, which looks like a list of all the elements you need to include in your work.

Such an outline will make your rhetorical analysis brilliant and you will never miss a single detail out.


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