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Anyway, we will talk more about this in a few seconds.A flyer, as it is, are boring and not everybody will stop to read a blank/white page with black text on it.This sort of simplicity is used for legal documents and boring documentation/archive intended printed goods.

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This is so cheap to publish, re-do and just a great tool for every day use that the only extra cost for this is the white or colored chalk, most of the time.

Remember creativity is a must to create a good looking and attractive black chalkboard ad or promotion.

For the text to be readable on top of all these effects, additional attributes have to be added to the text to make it bolder, add border, shadows or even bevel effects.

In the end, all these together make a great presentation and calls for action to the eyes of the potential customer.

On many restaurants you see they get a chalkboard to the streets with the specials of the day written big in white chalk to attract the attention of local and walk-by potential customers.

This works pretty good as it is extremely economical to just write and erase every day or every time the menu or special deals.Even use it for your resume to stand out from the crowd.Your interviewer will surely remember you when it's time to hire someone - and paper can help you with that!For this, you may use old-school screen printing when you manually apply the ink thru a pre-perforated screen to allow the ink to flow thru just on precise locations.This will allow you to mask out everywhere where any type of ink is supposed to go for letters or images base color if needed, or just to print white content directly.First way could be just adding a black background to the image and the printer will take care of the rest.On the other hand, you can use colored or white opaque ink to overlay a black empty canvas.Black Paper comes in 8 1/2 x 11 (standard letter size) and 8 1/2 x 14 (legal size) and is available in three options: Black Linen (32lb), Stardream Metallic (80lb), and Smooth Black (28lb).All Black Paper options are printer friendly and all come in packs of 50 sheets.Select which size and color (thickness) you would like, then click " Request Paper Sample for Color". p=Q&lbc=jampaper&uid=215763945&ts=custom&w=glossy paper&isort=score&method=and&view=grid&af=category:paper Use Black Paper for arts & crafts projects including signs, Halloween decorations, and any other arts & crafts projects.It goes great with silver, gold, and other metallic sharpie markers (that we carry ourselves)! Use light-colored ink to make captivating presentations.


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