How To Assign Bandwidth To Users

Please follow the steps below to configure this feature. When you configure the single IP address, the computer with this IP address will get independent given bandwidth.

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Selecting "Each" to give each IP the entered bandwidth, or "Shared" to give a total bandwidth for a group of LAN clients.

For example, the configuration below has two rules.

If you do not check the boxes to limit bandwidth, that User Group will have unlimited bandwidth. Click on the desired client name to expose their Properties panel 3. This can be done as long as it's configured at the WLAN itself.

User groups can also be applied manually per client station, regardless of the WLAN they join.

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There is no real way to solve an HR problem like this with IT policies and hacks.Readers will learn how to set traffic-shaping parameters in order to manage bandwidth on Uni Fi networks. Under Advanced Options select the User Group you previously created (see section above). Bandwidth management is important to maintaining a functional network while avoiding traffic "bottlenecks." Uni Fi allows operators to set up traffic shaping at the controller for users. For example, the configuration below will limit all the client's bandwidth usage to 2000 Kbps upload and 8000 Kbps download.Network Administrator can add the bandwidth policy for the specific LAN client here."Smart Bandwidth Limit" is used to apply bandwidth limit to only the client whose session number has exceeded the defined value (probably using Peer-to-peer file sharing), while the others can have the bandwidth specified in the default limit. To better use the bandwidth you subscribed, enable Allow auto adjustment…For example, the setting below will regulate a transmission limit down to 200kbps for upload and 800kbps download to the LAN client who uses more than 1000 sessions. And among the limitation in the list, the one with the smallest index number has the highest prioity. of available bandwidth to allow the clients to obtain more bandwidth when the total bandwidth is still sufficient. Edit the schedule profile as follows, Bandwidth Limit, scroll down to the Time Schedule part. Then, click OK to save the settings, then only during the time specified in the schedule profile, will the Bandwidth Limit be applied.These limits are applied at the WLAN Uni Fi Access Point, hence this article is applicable to wireless clients only. Each user group employs specific bandwidth limits for both upload/download. At this time, traffic shaping cannot be done to wired clients via the Uni Fi Controller. The default will have unlimited download and upload. To create a new User Group, click on Create a New User Group. Type in the name you wish to use for this group and the desired bandwidth limit for upload and download. User group configurations can be applied to a specific wireless network, so any user who joins that WLAN will be limited by the User Group's settings. Vigor router also offers Bandwidth Limit feature, which can avoid a few clients occupying all the bandwidth resources by restricting the amount of bandwidth each client can use. There are three major parts in Bandwidth Limit: Default Limit (Overall Regulation), Limitation List and Smart Bandwidth Limit.To use any of them, remember to enable Bandwidth Limit first. Input value here to set a limit for all the LAN clients. Therefore, if you want to enable Bandwidth Limit, but only want to use the Limitation List, you should enter "0" here.


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