Homework Grid Activities

We know that homework is beneficial to both children and parents, but sometimes children find homework ‘boring’, ‘a waste of time’ and ‘pointless’.To ensure work is consolidated and extended at home we are going to think about homework a little more creatively.

You should be reading each night and completing your Maths worksheet.

Remember to also take part in some activities on the grids posted.

Your child can choose how to present their homework, but by the end of the term they must have evidence of all activities completed in their homework folder.

They may wish to use computers/laptops for their homework, produce a Power Point presentation, make a model or write their responses down.

The children choose 1 project from each row over the half term and present it an anyway they like.

it has been a great success with both children and parents!

The aim of the homework grid is to exceed their points target.

We have discussed this in class, and the children understand how to select appropriate activities.

Each term or half term, during the first week, your child will be given a homework grid.

The grid contains activities linked to all areas of learning (English, Maths, History, Geography, Science, Art etc).


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