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The study of group dynamics can shed light on how to increase diversity in a community and how to combat the negative aspects that arise from certain group dynamics of groups with strong similarities and goals.One diversity programs, Tri-Co Summer Institute, consist of creating leaders out of the minorities so that the minorities can educate their communities on issues of diversity.It is important to look at group dynamics of all groups to understand group behaviors.

Research on leadership suggests that individuals can be influenced by leaders depending on the situation (Bales, 1958).

If an individual is in a situation where they do not know what to do, they will look for a leader.

Looking at their group dynamics, in general, can help the group overcome the pitfalls of groups in general, therefore being able to successfully accomplish their goals.

The study of groups in a psychological manner was first founded by Kurt Lewin (1943), which consisted of explaining the way small groups and individuals act and react to different circumstances; he called this group dynamics.

In doing so this paper will attempt to understand how some groups can sometimes commit great wrongs, while other groups achieve great goals.

I will use my experiences with a specific diversity workshop group, Tri-Co Summer Institute, and explain some of its group dynamics to try and improve the program.

Group dynamics is based on group processes that develop within a group that is not present in a random collection of individuals.

The processes develop through the interactions and influences between individuals and the group.

For these groups, it is important to break down the group dynamics to further understand the negative things that can arise out of groups that have strong ties with each other and are fighting for an important cause.

These groups are extremely important to communities such as Bryn Mawr College, but they would be more effective of achieving their goals if they were aware of how the group dynamics can interact.


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