Graphic Organizer Essay

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Developing Citizenship Through Rhetorical Analysis Students analyze rhetorical strategies in online editorials, building knowledge of strategies and awareness of local and national issues.

This lesson teaches students connections between subject, writer, and audience and how rhetorical strategies are used in everyday writing.

From there, you can branch out with your supporting evidence.

Use this process to replace your traditional note taking technique – note cards, outlines, whatever.

You’ll quickly realize a mind map is a great way to formulate the structure of your essay.

The thing to note here is that the nature of the mind maps force you think about sub topics and how to organize your ideas.

For example if you’re writing a research paper about the food web of the Australian bushes you can start with a diagram similar to the one below.

This way you can easily visualize the web while writing the paper.

The phrase “graphic organizer” is just a fancy way of saying “diagram” or “visual aid.” Basically, they are a visual representation of the information you’ve acquired in the research process.

There are quite a few reasons why you should use them when writing essays or summaries.


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