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No single global centralized authority exists but several interact.Given this, integrity in leadership is essential in developing a system of accountability, collaboration, and communication that emboldens shared sacrifice.

Our leaders cannot afford to accept the status quo and hope for better results, but must embrace the reality that our world is globally connected and increasingly interdependent.

As future recipients of the world stage, our generation challenges current global leaders to ensure that they leave the world better than they found it.

The failure at the World Trade Organization’s Doha Round, wherein leaders from the developed and developing world attempt to lower trade barriers and increase economic efficiency, acutely demonstrates this need.

Leaders must be willing to understand the importance of reciprocity and approach all situations with empathy. Leaders must consider other islands as they interact with one another.

Though not an easy task, we believe that a new paradigm in core leadership values is necessary to achieve such a state.

Globalization has amplified tensions between seemingly opposing principles.

Yet the baseline scenario seems to be one of continuity, with no obvious convulsions on the horizon.

HONG KONG—Economists like me are asked a set of recurring questions that might inform the choices of firms, individuals, and institutions in areas like investment, education, and jobs, as well as their policy expectations. But, with sufficient information, one can discern trends, in terms of economies, markets, and technology, and make reasonable guesses.

Leaders are now pressed to do more with less, balance national interest with their responsibilities as members of the global community, and achieve short-term results while making long-term investments.

The solution to these tensions lies in three fundamental core leadership values: courage, open-mindedness and integrity.


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