Generation Gap Essay In Urdu

A leading news Paper once launched a rather intelligent advertising campaign in which it pit its increasingly larger readership against that of a much older, traditional trusted name, and called the differences in their sales-the generation gap.Each successive generation has stuck out its tongue at the preceding one, just as the latter has struck its palm against the forehead, bemoaning the loss of morality and predicting dire reprisals.

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It need not be replacement but inheritance, even if the inheritors do not follow in the predecessors footsteps but walk their own road.

The life and times of two generations cannot be identical or even similar, thanks to modern research, progress in science, faster and easier communications and even distasteful things like inflation and population explosion.

These influences do, of course, work on humankind but they have the greatest impact on that section of society which is on the threshold of discovery-discovery of the self, of life and of living.

For someone who has already measured swords with life a characteristic lifestyle is already in place.

It remains a case of “If Youth only knew and if Age only could”.

The advertisement only hammers home the fact that that was then, and The gap between old people and young boys and girls is called the generation gap.

In essence, therefore, the generation gap is a tug-o’war of change versus stability, new versus old, modern versus traditional.

It does not have to become (and this is Important) a tug-o’-war of age versus youth.

The new must replace the old to retain freshness in living.

It need not mean that those used to an earlier lifestyle should sink. Ideally, the best of the old and the new ought to be integrated for the true and smooth evolution of humankind.


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