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Solutions that there might be, so that we can already have an idea of what we’re getting into before it happens.Each term we focus on a different issue in society whether it’s a social issue like celebrity culture and the over worship of celebrities in society - to problems such as robotics, megacities, pollution, environment. But it applies across a broad range of topics in the curriculum.They can look at alternative fuels, they can look up clean-up strategies, it can also be used in things like social studies and history applying what people have learnt in the past to a future subject.

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Future Problem Solving New Zealand This highly regarded and well-researched international educational program develops creative, critical, and caring thinking skills in students years 1–13.

Students grapple with global and community issues, identify underlying problems, and create positive solutions to those issues.

And we have to look around the issues surrounding this and potential solutions and what we think that the major solution will be.

This is important as it allows us to think about issues that we might face in the future before they happen so we’re able to think about the challenges that there might be in there.

We identify the problems in the future and see if we can solve them.

Well, future problem solving as a class - we’re presented a future scene with some issue that we might face in the future.

Science teachers can bring it into any sort of scientific subject particularly if they’re thinking about the environment.

And rather than scaring kids with a problem that’s too monumental to deal with, with a future focus and looking at inventions, they can think how some of these problems that we’re facing can be overcome.

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