Frankenstein Good Essay Quotes

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He tries to reveal his compassionate side on several occasions, such as saving the drowning girl from the river and trying to befriend De Lacey.

However, when both of these attempts at proving himself to be more than his outward appearance are grossly misinterpreted, he becomes angry and violent.

Satan, resenting his lack of recognition in heaven, gathers a rebel army to overthrow God, whose only son banished the fallen angels to hell.

Milton thus made one kind of original sin find its counterpart in another.

Milton’s 10,565 lines of unrhymed iambic pentameter took a skeletal story outlined in a few pages of Genesis — about a universe created and its human inhabitants expelled from a garden — and retrofitted it with the trappings of classic narratives about heroic battles and perilous journeys.

Milton also turned the story of a serpent’s deception of Adam and Eve into a tale that paralleled an altogether different plotline about a war in heaven.

Both Victor and the monster feel revenge throughout the novel.

The monster feels revenge on both Victor and every other human in the world.

He knows that no one will ever see any good in him, and the thought of never having a compassionate companion to befriend tears him apart.

“I, the miserable and the abandoned, am an abortion, to be spurned at, and kicked, and trampled on,” pg 209.


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