Frankenstein Frame Narrative Essay

Frankenstein Frame Narrative Essay-86
This literary technique uses embedded narratives, which provide readers with a context about the main narrative.

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In , Geoffrey Chaucer has used frame narrative, bringing different characters, each of whom tells a story.

This pilgrimage frame story brings together a number of storytellers, who appear with vivid personality traits, and build up dramatic relationships with one another and with the tales they tell.

Frankenstein’s story contains the tale of a creature, and the creature’s story briefly contains the story of the family with which he has been living.

In the film, , Leonardo Di Caprio enters into a dream of Cillian Murphy to embed an idea into his subconscious.

Frame story is a story set within a story, narrative, or movie, told by the main or the supporting character.

A character starts telling a story to other characters, or he sits down to write a story, telling the details to the audience.

This technique is also called a “frame narrative,” and is a very popular form of literary technique employed in storytelling and narration.

Frame story usually is found in novels, plays, poems, television, films, musicals, and opera.

This is not always the case with frame structured novels, as there are examples without a proper center (e.g. The elaborate system of frames indicates that this center reveals some kind of a mystery.

However, it would be wrong to asume that the center alone contains the meaning of the novel.


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