Four Goals Of Psychology Essay

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And, in my professional experience as a therapist and a psychology educator, people want to control others. Prediction and the goals preceding it above, are simply essential components to the ultimate goal of control.

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Existential theory, another in the Humanistic school, also finds the idea of control averse as it relates to its application to others and situations.

Existentialists believe that humans have to recognize their ability to choose, and to take responsibilities for those choices.

The governing belief is that many issues that arise and require therapy are issues of existence: fear of death and its cohort the fear of really living, freedom and refusal to take responsibility for it, and the creation of meaning.

Instead of controlling others and situations, there is a realization of the freedom of others and acceptance.

As I’ve written in “What Recovering Alcoholics Can Teach Us About Happiness,” and “Let Go, Be Happy”, letting go of trying to control is a proven path to a happier existence.

Four Goals Of Psychology Essay

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