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Forgiveness in Hinduism does not require that a person make peace with their offender and it does not rule out reconciliation in some situations.Forgiveness in Hindu philosophy is being compassionate, tender, kind and letting go of the harm or hurt caused by someone or something else.Seeking forgiveness from Allah with repentance is a virtue.

Buddhism emphasizes mettā (loving kindness), karuṇā (compassion), mudita (joy), and upekkhā (equanimity), as ways to avoid resentments in the first place.

These ideas help to understand suffering in the world, both our own suffering and the suffering of others.

You will never become angry or impatient if you love them for the sake of God. There are imperfections in every human being, and you will always become unhappy if you look toward the people themselves.

But if you look toward God, you will love them and be kind to them, for the world of God is the world of perfection and complete mercy.

Forgiveness helps us learn about the characters in the play.

Forgiveness is also what brings the play to a happy ending, but not without making one wonder whether forgiveness was really achieved.

By begging forgiveness he obtains happiness of mind; thereby he acquires a kind disposition towards all kinds of living beings; by this kind disposition he obtains purity of character and freedom from fear.— Māhavīra in Uttarādhyayana Sūtra –18 I seek forgiveness from all those living beings which I may have tortured while walking, coming and going, treading on living organism, seeds, green grass, dew drops, ant hills, moss, live water, live earth, spider web and others.

I seek forgiveness from all these living beings, be they — one sensed, two sensed, three sensed, four sensed or five sensed.

In the highest self-realized state, forgiveness becomes essence of one’s personality, where the persecuted person remains unaffected, without agitation, without feeling like a victim, free from anger (akrodhi).

By practicing prāyaṣcitta (repentance), a soul gets rid of sins, and commits no transgressions; he who correctly practises prāyaṣcitta gains the road and the reward of the road, he wins the reward of good conduct.


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