Five Steps For Writing A Research Paper

Five Steps For Writing A Research Paper-43
In this case, Bill Clinton admits that he once consumed marijuana, and that he understands what it is to be unable to quit the drug.

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The structure of the summary should be the following: Your work on the summary draft should focus on the content, not the form or length.

It may happen that the article summary will be too lengthy for your online research paper; thus, you will have to take this into consideration and fix accordingly.

Bill Clinton advocates for more compassion to drug users, and reducing the punishment of marijuana use.

On the other hand, bush opposes by arguing that sending addicts and drug abuser is the solution to reducing crime and spread of drug trafficking (Gerber, 2004).

You will also fix the summary for the accuracy of the wording and grammar mistakes.

If it is necessary, you should also eliminate inconsistencies and add more details.By this, this will have a positive impact to people especially patients with debilitating illnesses.The decision of whether to legalize marijuana use lies on its pros and cons to society.It is recommended to read each section for more then once, taking into account the highlighted ideas.If you need to summarize the article for your research paper, try to find the answers to the following questions: You can write a summary only after you feel that you are ready to explain all the aspects of the article to a person not aware of its content.One of the options is to prepare a review, which can be taken again later to remember the content of the article; then, the summary is not supposed to be brief and you will include more details in it.On the other hand, if you need to include the summary of the article in the research paper, you will have to make it concise and logical.Your audience expects to get a concise overview of the article.Your task is to select only the relevant details and provide profound analysis and explanation in a brief, yet correct manner.Moreover, you will have to make it clear how this particular article is relevant to your own research paper.Scan the article for general content before reading it in details.


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