First Amendment Short Essay

First Amendment Short Essay-83
These people were concerned that the government would abuse its powers and take away rights of the people.In order to get the Constitution ratified, an agreement was reached to add a Bill of Rights...

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These people also often didn’t have the ability to speak their minds, protest government actions, or assemble peacefully when they lived elsewhere.

By guaranteeing freedom of speech and the press, the right to assemble peacefully, and the right to petition the government, the people are able to hold the government accountable and let their voices be heard.

After going through the Constitution of India essay you will know about the features of Constitution, who was in the drafting committee of the constitution, which other constitutions is the Indian constitution inspired from, how long does it took to draft the Constitution, and other facts of the Constitution of India.

You can use these essays in your school’s essay writing competition, debate competition or other similar events. Ambedkar who is known as the Father of the Indian Constitution.

According to the first amendment, the government, and by extension, the state itself, may make no law respecting any establishment of any religion.

For example, the government, by law, may not force any one individual or a group of individuals to practice any religion, and it must not allow any religion to interfere into governmental, and by extension, state matters.The Constitution of India was drafted under the chairmanship of Dr. It took almost three years to draft the Constitution.Various socio-political and economic aspects of the society were taken into consideration while drafting the Constitution. The original Indian Constitution is hand written, calligraphed and also the lengthiest Constitution in the world. It is the longest written constitution that defines the power, procedures and responsibilities of the government institutions of India and gives detailed account of the fundamental rights and duties of the citizens of our country.Thus, the First Amendment protects some of the most basic rights people have in the United States. It is in many ways the most important and significant of the amendments.It is the First Amendment that protects our most important political rights and it is the First Amendment that protects our freedom of conscience.By protecting our speech and our press and our right to assemble and to petition, it allows us to say whatever we want (and in whatever way we want) about the government. In addition, the First Amendment preserves our religious rights.By doing so, it protects our right to listen to the dictates of our own consciences.Every policy, right and duty has been explained at length in the Indian Constitution thereby making it the longest written Constitution in the world.More than 2000 amendments had to be made in the Constitution of India in order to get it approved.


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