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“We made and lost some money, but overall, it turned out all right,” Smith said.When Kosove and Johnson helped Smith land distribution for one of the independent films he was financing, “Love Is All There Is,” they asked in return if he would read their business plan.

“We made and lost some money, but overall, it turned out all right,” Smith said.

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on the heels of the surprisingly strong results from Alcon’s family film “My Dog Skip,” directed by Jay Russell.

Through the weekend, the film, based on the late author Willie Morris’ memoir about a boy and his dog growing up in a small Southern town during World War II, grossed $14.1 million at the box office.

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analyst in New York before quitting his job to produce movies, added, “We have the economic backing of Fred Smith in order to take performance risk in the business.”While many independents pre-sell their movies as a way of raising financing, which often means forfeiting lots of upside, Alcon can take advantage of Warner Bros.’ worldwide distribution system by paying a reduced distribution fee of 15% while retaining the upside and copyrights to its films.

Fedex Business Plan

The timing is ripe for self-financing outfits such as Alcon as the studios are increasingly looking to share the high risk of making and marketing movies.

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Kosove and Johnson had what they believed was a strategy for lowering the risks and increasing the odds for profitability.“It was one of the most well-thought-out plans I had ever seen,” Smith said.

“They clearly had a passion for the business and were extremely knowledgeable about the business and could analyze it.”Although they’re not naive enough to claim they have any kind of formula for success, in essence, Kosove and Johnson believe that if you keep within a narrow budget, make creative deals with talent, do films only in certain genres such as family films, and have solid studio distribution in place, over time you have a higher probability of making money.“When we went to Fred with our business plan to start this company, the essence of the business plan was to take the best of the independent world and combine it with the best things the studio world has to offer,” said Kosove, 30, who graduated with a joint degree in politics and economics.


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