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There are many ways to express emotions; they are broadly divided into two types, positive emotions and negative emotions.

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One has, therefore, to look at the available options and aces each so as to choose the one that best gives them the required results.The individual’s experience and the incident(s) leading up to the decision-making play a vital role in the kind of choice the individual makes.Decisions are highly affected by the emotions of the person(s) at the time when they are taken.Decision can also be affected by over-optimism or over-pessimism, as this will result in clouded thinking, which leads to poor decision-making.For example, if one is in a bad mood, there are chances they can end up making messy decisions that harm both them and others emotionally and/or financially.It sometimes gets difficult to make an ethical decision as some decisions because are two between two conflicting values. In such cases, a person needs to apply other virtues so as to make the best ethical decisions both for their career and their organizations.Good ethical decisions demonstrate the responsibility of an employee.This will put you in a better position to make the right decisions.You also need to understand that choices have got consequences.The decision-making process is affected by many different factors, but some of the major factors are your emotions.According to a research, when an individual is feeling positive, they tend to make positive decisions, and when they experience negative emotions, they are likely to make negative decisions.


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