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This theory was untrue; however, they did manage to end to the excess intake of professionally manufactured liquor in American citizens.Frank Salamone, an American historian, reported that drinking was reduced "from 2.6 gallons (10 L) per person to 0.97 gallons (4 L) after prohibition" (Salamone).

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By the time Prohibition went into effect, the vast majority of people supported it.

The effects of prohibition were far from what temperance activists promised.

In any case, speakeasies owned by gangsters replaced neighborhood bars.

They promoted heavy drinking, gambling and prostitution.

These bootleggers were easily able to buy legal immunity due to the "corruption among those trusted to enforce Prohibition.

Law officers were known to participate in the acts of drinking and for a quarter of a million were quick to look the other way" (Lerner).

Thesis: The Prohibition had large negative effects on the social economics of America that far outweighed the positive effects.

While the motives and ideals behind Prohibition were noble, it was an extreme failure and was only able to achieve one of its original set goals.

At the same time, most Protestant churches also began to preach that drinking alcohol was undesirable, even sinful.

The combination of the women’s and religious movements was powerful.


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