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Finally, due to the challenges that may hinder accessing mainstream therapies, there is a need for prevention or early identification of depression in children with learning disabilities.The study showed that cognitive factors are also important because they affect people with learning disabilities.A child’s learning disability may create anxious feelings, inadequacy or shame that can lead to behavioral disturbances in children who have attained school age.

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The 132 children who participated in the research had an average of 9 years in the fourth grade of primary school.

The outcome of the research indicated that children with learning disabilities as well as mathematical disabilities exhibited higher levels of depression, school anxiety as well as low self-esteem.

Importantly, it showed that cognitive biases affect how executive control works; thus, causing inadequate inhibition processes or scarce concentration.

Besides, dysfunctional updating occurs in the working memory and forgetfulness sets in when executive control cannot function effectively.

This observation, in turn, has increased the motivation and engagement in school activities or tasks.

Therefore, it is appropriate to conclude that children who under-achieve in school are likely to show lower global self-esteem and become more anxious and with depressive symptoms compared to typical achievers (Daniels, 2012).The researchers established that depressive symptoms related positively to anxiety.Among the common types of LDs among those who were studied included mathematics disorders and reading disorder.According to Alesi and his colleagues, psychosocial risk factors such as self-efficacy and school self-esteem contribute to gender differences (Alesi et al., 2014).The study gave significant evidence supporting the association between depressive symptoms and poor performance in school.Using a nationally gathered data, the investigators found that male learning disabilities were more likely to result into depressive episodes or anxiety while females were likely to report high levels of distress, poor mental health or suicide thoughts.The study also showed that about 6 percent of the main population suffers from depression in any given year.Her study examined the role of professionals and experience in young people with learning disabilities and offered recommendations based on the findings.From the findings of the study, high achievers are more likely to exhibit positive school emotions.The study showed that girls are more likely to be depressed than boys.As children grow older towards adolescent age, the differences continue to widen, and the rate of depression among females is likely to double if compared to that of males.


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