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The first concerns sexual harassment grievance procedures, which give victims a formal avenue for filing complaints. First, women distrust grievance procedures and rarely file complaints (9).

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Training for employees, which treats trainees as suspects, can backfire.

Programs work better in workplaces with more women managers, who are less likely than men to respond negatively to harassment complaints and training.

Training and grievance systems may appear to backfire because, by increasing recognition of harassment, they increase complaints (2, 3).

Surveys may not pick up harassment in workplaces where it is common because rampant harassment can foster psychological denial (4).

Sexual harassment grievance procedures incite retaliation, according to surveys, and our analyses show that they are followed by reductions in women managers.

Sexual harassment training for managers, which treats managers as victims’ allies and gives them tools to intervene, are followed by increases in women managers.Positive and negative program effects are found in different sorts of workplaces.In 1998, the Supreme Court vetted the two most popular corporate sexual harassment programs, sexual harassment grievance procedures and training.Four months out, Army trainees were more likely to report having intervened to stop sexual assault or stalking (15).We expect manager training to provide managers with tools to address harassment, and thus to be followed by increases in women in management.A metaanalysis of campus field studies finds that it increases reported trainee efficacy, intention to intervene, and helping behavior (13).One study showed increased intention to intervene and confidence about intervening after a year (14).Third, employee training, which proscribes specific behaviors and signals that male trainees are potential perpetrators, is followed by decreases in women managers.Two propositions specify how management composition moderates program effects.Do corporate sexual harassment programs reduce harassment?Those that do should boost the share of women in management, because harassment causes women to quit.


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