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Police are hired to protect and serve the government.

They save us from dangerous situations with criminals and also help make everyday life easier knowing that you don’t have to look over your shoulder in fear of what’s behind you. But it’s not that easy, for many years police have taken advantage of their authority and have exerted unnecessary force on people suspected of crimes.

The paper requires every system and department’s profound research.

All police departments’ constables and their excessive training’s results need to be estimated to distinguish core reason of the problem, deal with its unpleasant consequences.

Police brutality essay allows communities and their members: It helps to stop a rude treatment.

Police brutality essay brings numerous criminal cases of police officers’ illegal behaviors to light.Beating criminals or suspects, using various weapons and mental aggression is one of the ways to get a confession.It is the reason why people doubt cop’s honest behavior.The individuals’ moral traumas and problems remain a reason.Profiling core reasons of police brutality behavior, every researcher needs to conduct the following investigations: The result of work needs to contain recommendations. Every essay on police brutality is aimed at preventing cops’ cruelty.Many community members arrange to expose activities due to the need to return legal order in society, prevent any misconduct acts. In the United States, a racial issue also remains the problem.At all times and societies, America was fighting for justice for all public members without a racist segregation into black and white.Many of these suspects are profiled because of activities observed by police officers, this is called racial profiling.In the aftermath of the September 11, 2001, attacks, tens of thousands of “lawful non-citizens from Arab Muslim-majority countries” were required to comply with special immigration registration procedures because of a belief that these individuals, as a group, were more likely to be linked to terrorist organizations than indi...There is no matter, people deal with internal forms of police brutality or its wider scales, it needs to be stopped.Police forces need to serve as law order protectors.


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