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One important aspect of film of a country is that you can learn about its history. has only a history of two hundred years, their films can give a complete picture and even extended definition of different period of history.

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Finally, by watching movies, we may know other people's attitudes and ideas towards life.

Sometimes we may feel depressed or frustrated just because of some small problems in our lives.

The plot will contain the long period of pursuing from one side, the complex feeling by the appearance of a third person, the last happy time of an experienced love.

Love is among many different custom of a country, and by the explanation of films you can surely get a better understanding of it.

For example, a typical romantic story happened in a western film will contain plot as follows, the coincident meeting, the short period of contacting and the quickness of falling in love with each other.

But what happens in an eastern movie is quite different.For example, the films of Hollywood can not only show us the problems such as drug dealing, abusing of guns, the psychological problems of young adults, but also tell us the rapid growth of the economy and the technology of the country.From all those reasons above, watching movies will be undoubtedly the best way to learn about a country well.(Essay ID: 66 . Test you ever watch movies from other countries?One time, I saw a movie made in China that showed parents helping their children with their homework. Seeing these films demonstrated to me that education is a common goal in every country.Parents want their children to learn so their lives will improve.Most people like watching movies made from different countries, not only because they can know about these countries' history, what is like in their daily life, but also their various attitude and ideas towards life. Based on different historical backgrounds, movies can give us a lot of information about a country's past.For those who have the background historical knowledge, they can have a better understanding about the movie; while for those who have little knowledge about the history can start to know it from the movie they are watching.It also showed me that children in schools everywhere want to play with their friends.Sometimes the games are similar to ours and sometimes they're different.Thus we should encourage people to watch more good movies to know the world better.(Essay ID: 240.This is a 5 point essay)As the advance of technology, the understanding and communication among countries are becoming deeper and wider.


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