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Stern and his work relating to human growth and development (see appendix), discuss my research of his theory within this assignment then comment on the work of additional theorists. Stern developed detailed models of how infants as young as a few weeks of age begin to develop and retain a representation of the mother-child interactions which they are experiencing.

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Stage 6 Young adulthood is entered between the ages of 20 - 35 years where intimate relationships are developed with the expectation of giving and receiving love, and where many couples decide to begin a family. Conclusion We had an elderly English neighbour who looked after her disabled daughter, she constantly had us over for tea, and brought us gifts for no reason.

I experience a teacher who knew I was constantly being bullied and attacked in the playground, so made me the "milk monitor" bringing authority and respect from the other children as they had to collect their milk from me.

Therefore when considering social factors I can relate to Erikson's model and stages.

When considering personal growth, relationships and development , I understand and can relate to Bowbly's theory of attachment and that there are many social factors to be aware of when counselling.

Stage 3 From the ages of three to six the child enters the genital-locomotor stage were an understanding of right and wrong develops.

An even balance of guilt and initiative should produce a child that is aware of its own capabilities and the affects its actions have on others, however, the child that has no clear understanding of right or wrong could be prone to hurting others and would see guilt as being "weak".

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From preschool into early elementary school, children have begun to develop their gross motor skills.

This I believe has empowered me to approach stages 6 to 8 in a very optimistic and positive view, and still hold onto the ethics, some traditions and values I was brought up with to my children.

Love the Lord, Don't fight each other and everyone is responsible for their own actions and behaviour.


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