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William Shakespeare uses multiple forms of deception and immoral acts in almost every scene in the play Hamlet.

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After the death of his brother old king Hamlet, but no one knew that he actually murdered his brother while he was asleep to attain the kingship and marry his brother’s wife, Gertrude.

Thus deceiving the whole kingdom by concealing the horribly immoral crime he committed by killing his own brother.

Also, when a true conflict arises it can cause the conflict to escalate due to the unresolved “secret conflicts” the employee has been harboring. To be dishonest is to be partly feigned, forged, fake, or fictitious.

Honesty expresses both self-respect and respect for others.

Sometimes there are cases when honesty and truth can hurt a person.

People can be very straightforward and hurt someone with their words.

Honesty is a concept that can affect our lives in various ways.

Our parents teach us to be honest form our early childhood, trying to put the understanding of this concept in our minds.

This type of treatment reinforces my feelings and those of my co-workers that management is dishonest, has no integrity and cannot be trusted.

The “secret conflicts” of unresolved trust harbored by employees towards management cannot be acted upon by the employees and therefore grows resentment, distrust, lowers morale, lowers productivity, increases absenteeism, lowers job satisfaction, and in the end hurts the organization. Bennett “To be honest is to be real, genuine, authentic, and bona fide.


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