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He has a pale skin and a scar on his face which he got from slashing himself with his hands.

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For example, when Edward enters society in all of his differences in colour to emotions or reactions, Edward’s differences are exposed directly to the viewer.

It is put squarely to the viewer that Edward is an outsider that has been marginalized and has been made an alien in the generalized society’s assessment of Edward.

His clothing is an all-black cladding his inventor had left him before his death.

Despite his strange looks, Edward has a gentle voice, and one notices his loneliness when he closes his eyes (Scissorhands, 1990).

Although he had been raised alone, his loneliness taught him the importance of family (Peng, 2013).

At some point, he pushes Kevin off the road and prevents the kid from being run over by Jim's drunken friend.

The psychologist who examines him says, "The years in spent isolation have not equipped him with the tools necessary to judge right from wrong. He's been complete without guidance." His disability to judge good and evil explains why he breaks into the office of Jim's parents without any feeling of remorse. Reading the Fantastic Imagination: The Avatars of a Literary Genre, 156.

Furthermore, is only worried about the feelings of his friends (Peng, 2013).

After his master's demise, Edward has no one he can call family and is puzzled about which step he will take.

He is not even aware that his creator died that's why when Peg asks him where his family is he responds, "He didn't wake up," referring to his creator (Scissorhands, 1990).


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