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The institutions of marriage and the family occupy a very important position in this scheme of life. It aims at producing a unique personality in the individual and a distinct culture for the community based on Islamic ideas and values. ~ Printed-by: ~ Superprint Graphics (Glasgow) Ltd., I. The original inspiration for this essay came from a recent conference. Phillips who read an earlier manuscript and extended a number of suggestions to improve it. The responsibility for mistakes or lapses is, however, exclusively mine.

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I was invited to present the Islamic viewpoint on the subject. Allen and Unwin Limited for permitting the reproduction of two quotations from Ideals and Realities of Islam.

The Standing Conference on Christian-Muslim Dialogue organised a three-day conference at Wood Hall, Wetherby, Yorks, on "The Family in Christianity and Islam”. Acknowledgements are also due to Professor Seyyed Hossein Nasr and Messrs.

God is the Creator, the Master, the Sustainer of all that exists. He has revealed, through His prophets, the Right Path for the guidance of mankind.

All prophets (peace be upon them) have preached the same message -that of acceptance of God's sovereignty.

They were promised Divine Guidance and were assured that those who fo IIowed that Guidance would be successful.

Adam was the first man to receive this guidance and convey it to his progeny.

The way the Quran narrates this event is crucial to the understanding of the Islamic world-view.

The main outline of the Qur'anic narration is as follows: |! | God declared His intention to send a vicegerent (Khalifah) to the earth. They were destined to play this role of vicegerency and were endowed with the 'knowledge of the things' to do the job well.

- - - - - (c) Islam does not subscribe to the view that woman led man (Eve leading Adam) to sin and disobedience. Every one is born in a state of purity and innocence. The uniqueness of the human situation lies in his psychosocial volition.

According to the Qur'an "Satan caused them both to deflect therefrom". Success or failure depends entirely on one's own beliefs and behaviour.|! | No one is to be responsible for the shortcomings of others.|! This is the mainspring of human potential -this is what enables him to rise to the highest pinnacle or to fall into the deepest abyss.


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