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Man gets his food directly or indirectly from plants, animals and other organisms.Man derives direct benefits of biodiversity from the harvest of domesticated or wild species for food, fibres, fuel, medicines and many other purposes.The Biodiversity concept was globally conceived after the publication: Conserving the World’s Biological Diversity brought out by IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature), WWF (World Wildlife Fund), World Research Institute and World Bank.

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Biodiversity includes diversity within species (Genetic diversity), between species (Species diversity) and of ecosystems (Ecosystem diversity).

Genes are carriers of hereditary characteristics and each species has a variation of genes. If a species becomes extinct, the genes, which are responsible for the distinctive characters of the species, are also lost forever.

These differences from one individual to another reflect different gene-combinations and therefore, a rich genetic diversity.

Essays On Biodiversity

If the number of individuals of a species is small, genetic variations are less, and eventually, this leads to extinction of the species.

The threats to biodiversity can be lessened only through a new model of development that avoids losses to biological diversity.

The diversity must be preserved at any cost for the benefit of our future generations and if we cannot do the same, our descendents will never forgive us.

However, human activities are spreading their wings causing massive extinctions species.

The cost associated with this is very high and we seldom realize it.


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