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In IELTS writing task 2 you receive a statement about an issue and you are required to write an essay giving your opinion.

Most of the time you are required to write a discursive essay – that is, an essay in which you present an argument in support of your opinion.

Indeed a lot of work is needed to tackle the roots of the problems, such as unemployment or the lack of education and food.

It might be possible, however, for wealthy nations to give their support with specialists, who give their advice locally and who are able to design helpful programmes to rebuild the social and political structures in poor countries.

Visiting new sites, eating exotic foods and living in a different climate can all stimulate your senses.

However, once the initial delight of being way from home has worn off, being faced with new sites and sounds can often lead to people suffering from a feeling of alienation and detachment.

If you have studied any English for Academic Purposes course, you will know that GOOD INTRODUCTIONS DO THREE THINGS: about the topic to gain the readers attention and let them know what the overall theme of the essay will be.

Then, as the introduction progresses, these sentences become and more and more specific until finally you end with the thesis statement, which is the most specific sentence in your introduction.

There are several elements this type of essay needs to contain (i-iv). ISSUE Nowadays the poverty gap between countries is getting bigger and bigger.

So, in today’s blog, I won’t just answer this question – I’ll explain the logic behind my answer, so you can clear your confusion forever and never need to ask it again!


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