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Throughout the years the Amish have managed to remain faithful to their life chores and religious duties and although they are constantly exposed to influences by the surrounding world and the new inventions they make, the Amish have always managed to reject any object that might interfere with the order they follow.

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The mainstream world, however, commonly does not recognize these differences because they are hidden behind the distinctive markers of the Amish lifestyle.

Things such as the Pennsylvania German dialect, the refusal to use electricity from public utility lines, beards for men and plain dress have been common identifiers of the Amish religion and have remained so without a nationalized structure to link the 900 plus congregations (Kraybill, The Amish Encounter with Modernity).

Renowned for their traditional lifestyles, they live more simply than most of us, often focusing on farming and crafts while worshiping God based on a tradition split off from the Mennonites a few centuries ago.

Over the past few years, the television channel TLC has made various shows showcasing Amish youth and has given the world an insight to a culture which generally opposes photography and the presence of outsiders.

For instance, did you know the Amish primarily speak their own dialect of German (known as Pennsylvania Dutch, a bastardization of the word for German – “Deutsch” – in German)?

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How about why some Amish men have long beards while others are clean shaven?

In relation to mainstream society, the Amish have struggled to remain separate.

This separation is apparent in the majority of Amish daily life.

Church districts which are "in fellowship" with each other will make up an affiliation.

Congregations in the same affiliation with each other will share the same church practices and ministers can be exchanged between them.


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