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If you want to check the logical development of your argument, you should also try reading the text from the conclusion to the beginning.By reading your paper from the end to the beginning, you can see the connections of your ideas in your paper and assumptions you made in your paper more clearly.Although it is understandable that you do not want to show the grammatical mistakes to other people, you may make the same mistakes over and over again if you just put away your paper after inserting other people’s feedback.

The concept map is also known as “reverse outline” since you make an outline of your paper after you have finished the main ideas of your paper.

Write down the main idea of each paragraph—which is called a topic sentence—on a blank piece of paper.

Do not just correct simple errors, such as awkward sentence construction or word choices, and put away your paper.

Many international students may feel quite embarrassed about grammatical mistakes in their writing and want to clean up all the errors that their instructors or Writing and Communication Center peer tutors pointed out.

It is a great idea that you change the location when you revise your paper.

If you usually work in the library, you may want to try a different location.

Visit your instructor during his/her office hours and let the instructor know the specific aspects of the assignment about which you need further guidance or explanation.

The individual meeting with your instructor is a great opportunity for you to learn the specific steps you should take in revising the paper as well as to better understand the goals of the particular assignment. instructors, classmates, Writing and Communication Center peer tutors, librarians, etc), it is very important for you to reflect on their feedback when you revise your paper.

Although it may not be the case with every class you take, you will learn that students here are strongly encouraged to revise their early drafts based on the feedback they have received from their instructor.

And don’t get discouraged if you see that your teacher has written numerous comments and suggestions for revision.


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