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Going beyond fixing misspelled words and overlooked grammar mistakes, it identifies words that, while spelled correctly, are used in the wrong context—thus ensuring you won’t overlook any aspect of your copy that can diminish its quality.

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Apart from looking over your grammar, Ginger Software can help you communicate in different languages.The application has become the tool of choice both for casual and power users, professionals who need to polish their English while communicating with colleagues, partners, management and other executives.The writing enhancement employs years of human expertise in the English language coupled with a powerful artificial engine to ensure that no spelling and punctuation errors, awkward grammatical construction, and downright embarrassing use of words creep into your manuscript.According to Elizabeth Lyons, "Some of the most effective editing involves tightening . (Super Stock/Getty Images) is a stage of the writing process in which a writer or editor strives to improve a draft (and sometimes prepare it for publication) by correcting errors and by making words and sentences clearer, more precise, and more effective. Shorten a work and it becomes better" (Nonfiction Book Proposals Anybody Can Write, 2000).Perhaps one of the strangest tales you will pick up on the internet is about grammatical errors that cost companies millions.While the laws of probability make it unlikely that you are to cause the same problem to your company, poor writing can still earn you a bad reputation.The more creative ones might need all the help they need.A few of the software products here are specifically designed for them.The AI-powered tool ensures your message gets delivered clearly and error-free in a compelling way, which it does great being designed by the world’s leading language authorities. Reverso offers accurate, diverse contextual translations to help you expand your vocabulary.While already excellent as it is, Grammarly is continuously analyzed each day to improve its grammar-checking algorithms. To use Reverso, you simply type or say the words you want to translate.


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