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Had she been a man, she would probably have been set free.

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In doing this, Frankenstein has taken over the roles of women and God.

Shelley discusses how Frankenstein has used his laboratory or 'workshop of filthy creation' (page 53) as a kind of 'womb' as he has worked on his creation.

Many of the themes present debateable issues, and Shelley's thoughts on them.

Three of the most important themes in the novel are birth and creation; alienation; and the family and the domestic affections.

There are many perspectives one can consider when choosing to write about this novel.

Your essay topic of choice must reflect deep insight into the subject of the novel and its major themes.

He also refers to his task as his labour, suggesting that he has literally given birth to his creation.

After so much time spent in painful labour (Page 51) The passing of time from when Victor first began his creation and finished it is also significant.

What are some of the characteristics of the Gothic novel, and how does Mary Shelley use them in these chapters? Victor tells us that his friend Clerval’s imagination was “too vivid for the minutiae of science.” What does he mean by...

Discuss what is meant by the Romantic patterns found in the novel? Describe the personality of Victor Frankenstein and the monster he creates. How does the monster learn about the world in which he lives?


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