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From the 1840s began sectional discord, as expansionists invoked Manifest Destiny to rationalize their dominative and imperialistic demands.New acquisitions of Guam, Hawaii and the purchase of Alaska were interpreted as Manifest Destiny in action.

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Spain ceded its claims with the Transcontinental Treaty, negotiated in 1819 by John Quincy Adams, by which the United States acquired Florida and relinquished any nebulous claims to Texas under the Louisiana Purchase.

In the mid-1820s, Russia acknowledged that Alaska extended only to the present-day southern boundary of 54o 40' north latitude, and ultimately sold its holdings north of San Francisco at Fort Ross to settlers.

By the early nineteenth century, Spain, Russia, Great Britain, and the United States claimed sovereignty to the Oregon country.

Oregon was a sprawling region of half a million square miles west of the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific, between what is now the northern boundary of California and the southern tip of Alaska.

They also said that with more land, the United States could extend railroads, supporting trade from east to west.

Expansion would also give access to the Pacific Ocean, which would open up overseas trade.It all started when the settlers started the process of stretching their boundaries.The term Manifest Destiny was firstly coined by newspaper editor John O'Sullivan in 1845 to give the name and description to meaning to the creed of victorious Americans.Anglo-Saxon Americans believed that they had a natural right to move west, bringing with them the blessings of self-government and Protestantism.Americans gradually had been moving westward for two centuries, but in the 1830s and 1840s they pushed across the continent.This is ironic because this was the main reason that the United Stat...Since the time of the term Manifest Destiny appeared it had many meanings and definitions.Southern expansionists, in hope of convincing Northerners, said that expansion would help end slavery because it would shift the slave population westward.The South argued that expansion would free up a lot of land for agriculture and manufacturing, which would help the stability of the economy.They said that there was nowhere in the Constitution that supported the extension of boundaries. Though they were legal citizens, they were not treated as such.Also, when America received the Mexican Cession, the Mexicans living on the land automatically became U. The Americans treated them as second class citizens in the same way that Britain had once treated Americans.


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