Essay On Spending Leisure Time

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In the West people also use their leisure for self-improvement.In short, one should spend one’s leisure in such pursuits as are both interesting and instructive and refresh your mind and strengthen our body.

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Leisure means the free time that we have after the day’s hard labour.

If there is no leisure and rest and recreation in a man’s life, he often becomes bored, irritable and quarrelsome. We have to live and work like a machine otherwise we cannot make both ends meet in this competitive world. The problem of leisure is closely connected with the problem of money.

This highlights the fact that play is as important as work.

Leisure activates and refreshes us to start our work with all the more vigour and energy.

We can enjoy the beauties of Nature, art and life in our free time only. The world has not yet realised the importance and value of leisure.

Leisure time gives relief from long hours of work and labour.

Free time can also be usefully spent in meditation. As they work hard without any rest, they often suffer from a nervous breakdown, blood pressure and many other ailments.

They have no time to look after their body, mind and soul.

Gardening is a useful and profitable leisure activity. Only then leisure is going to be enjoyable and profitable.

Some people spend this time in stamp collection or coin collection as well. It is a good source of both knowledge and learning.


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