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Herman Boone’s daughter, Nicky Boone, also gives us a glimpse into the Negro’s views of the white.Seeing Sheryl Yoast, Bill Yoasts’ daughter, jump up and down during a football match, Carol asks, “Mama, are all white girls crazy?

The emphasis on these social psychological phenomena will be more apparent when the film takes us to the start of the integration of the black and white players of the T. He says, “We don’t need your people in the team.” This attitude is solidified when Boone asked his players to get to know a teammate of a different race until they already knew each and every team member. You can take those boys out back and pick it out from the kitchen.” (Bruckheimer & Boaz, 2000) Boone was also open to these discriminations.

Here are lines from the white player Ray Budds, displaying the way he viewed the African-American player Petey Jones based on his pre-conceived schemas: Ray Budds (white): What’s your daddy’s name? When a Caucasian coach was asked if he is willing to work with Boone, he answered, “I’m not gonna do anything to help that monkey.” Bad as it sounds, Negroes have been stereotyped as having no regard for their families, lazy, and self-indulgent, which was why Ray Budds asked Petey Jones those questions.

This “general person-schema” is what we call stereotypes.

But schemas can also tell us something about a particular person, including ourselves.

Because of the vast information that we are being exposed to everyday, we are in need of a system by which we collect and process data.

As such, we are all built in with schema and schematic processing.

Schemas are our “organized beliefs and knowledge about people, objects, events, and situations” (Meyers, 2003) and schematic processing is the process by which we match a schema with the data that we are handed out. Meyers (2003) even writes that most of the time, we are unaware that this processing of information is taking place.

And with our schemas, we are able to generalize about the characteristics of a certain group of people.

Boone and Yoast may have succeeded uniting its team, but the town was still pretty much divided.

Pictures of how the townspeople react to the combination of white and black players in one team were shown all throughout the film.


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