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The primary problem brought by rap music is the stature and image flaunted by most rappers.Money is the biggest reason why ordinary people wanted to become celebrities.

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But watching the fame and fortune being enjoyed by many rappers will encourage a large population of young individuals to follow the footsteps of these rap stars. “Stereotypes also play a big role in the many influences of rap music. This is the main reason why violence is a favorite topic in rap songs.

Gang banging, drugs, alcohol, jewelry, money, cars, baggy clothes, style and fashion are some examples of hip hop stereotypes” (Minor, n. Many rap artists portray themselves as kings or bosses.

People affiliated with the said music compare it to poetry.

While this may be true, many lyrics in rap songs possess a vulgar and disturbing presence among its listeners. It reflects an inner description of inspiration coming from the individual.

“Rap music, is rooted in the African tradition of speaking rhythmically to a beat generally supplied by background music.

Grandmaster Flash and Kool Herc are credited with being instrumental in the development of rap music as a distinct genre in the 1970s, which at the time was party- oriented” (Mnet, 2006).

NEGATIVE EFFECTS OF RAP MUSIC Rap music is posing a serious danger to the society.

As part of media, it is influencing the lives of many individuals especially the young people.

People’s exposure to media is an inevitable part of life.

Most people or perhaps all people spend their free time listening and watching media.


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