Essay On Proverb 'Honesty Is The Best Policy'

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If someone gives you free things or offers to help you do something, you can’t ask for a different color or choose the perfect time in your schedule.

When you receive free help or goods, you should accept what you’re offered—you can’t be picky (a “chooser”) because you’re not paying!

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More importantly, the job will be completed much more quickly.

When you are a visitor somewhere away from home, you should act like everyone else.

That is what this proverb means—if you have the will to meet the problems that are in front of you, there is a way to overcome them. You should wait a few moments and make sure it’s a good idea to jump from that cliff.

So when making a big “jump” in life, make sure you’ve looked at the situation and really understand it before you take a big action.


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