Essay On Middlesex By Jeffrey Eugenides

Essay On Middlesex By Jeffrey Eugenides-59
Quality writing elicits a sense of personal productivity and accomplishment in various facets of education.Students in their course of academic life are required to work on assignments or essay, and they have to apply their previous knowledge and research skills to accomplish such tasks.The words that a person uses in writing help to show who one is and how one perceives things in life.

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It is also through writing that one is able to refine ideas when giving feedback to a question.

Ideally, writing makes a person’s thinking visible by providing a person with an array of facts, inferences, and opinions and hence a person is not easily confused.

Writing also promotes a person’s skill of inquiry by helping a person develop an argument for a particular position or point of view.

Through writing, a person is able to collect, evaluate, analyze contrast, compare, imagine and reviewing information that a person receives to get a better answer to a question or an inquiry.

Ideally, writing varies in form and purpose and is generally a complex process.

Writing requires a person to bring his/her left and right brain together to cobble ideas that explain and express a person’s experience, feelings, ideas and opinion in a way that another person can understand.

In an education point of view, writing provides students with an avenue to compose ideas, organize arguments and support critical points as well as share information.

It also enables students to reflect and compose their thoughts in a cohesive and structured manner.

Words give the world, life and everything in the world meaning.

Efficient and effective communication is what keeps the world moving in the same direction as people strive to convey meaningful information to each other.


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