Essay On Foreign Policy Of Pakistan

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The success of its foreign policy is a function of how it utilises these assets.

Pakistan has a population of over 200 million which makes it a significant country.

Pakistan has five neighbours: China, India, Iran, Afghanistan and the US which is a global neighbour.

Except for China, Pakistan has relations ranging from unsatisfactory to dangerous with the other four.

This places an enormous burden on the China-Pakistan relationship — a burden that, unless addressed, a globally emerging China could find too distracting, onerous and risky to sustain.

Pakistan is an important strategic partner for China.

But an ungovernable Pakistan will not be able to maintain this partnership.

CPEC is seen as a ‘soft option’ to industrialise and modernise without the leadership having to provide good governance, human resource development, political reform and capacity building. But Pakistan seems to believe that merely blaming a blameworthy India, instead of maximising its longer-term foreign policy options through development, is good enough policy.

Both India and Kashmir are inherently longer-term challenges for Pakistan. Moreover, there are no zero-sum solutions that favour Pakistan.

However, a corrupt and dishonest leadership will never speak this truth because it has not got the moral standing to inform the people about diplomatic, economic and military realities.


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