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This would complement the ideas that western people previously had imagining if the Japanese took over the world.These racial conclusions are apparent at the time of making the film, and would of been deliberately placed by Scott.

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A perception of the future already exists once people have watched just about any science fiction movie, that the world to come will be dark, misty, and horrible.

The other half was to do with the environment in Blade Runner, and how well it compliments and carries the weight of the film.

If the Japanese take over the world the movie suggests it won t be a pleasant place.

This creates racial tension because it was written by white westernised Americans.

That is why films like Blade Runner, directed by Ridley Scott, have mass attraction but at the same time address critical and complex issues.

Blade Runner was brought to America s attention, perhaps in an unfortunate context, about the time when Ronald Reagan was promising a very bright but perhaps false future, (1982).

Quite possibly the drug addict mentioned before wouldn t pass the test for humanity with flying colours either.

Christian issues are raised and many feelings are evident in the replicants, which hint that they think along the same way as humans do. Roy and his followers main purpose was to delay death which appears to be most humans idea as well.

, the future is not made from shiny new parts, but cobbled together from the rusting hulls of infinite former presents.

And so, fittingly, in 2017, the future that seems to us the most true, the most representative of our collective mood, seems to be the one we find in the world of , must be the worlds we secretly believe we inhabit.


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