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As a result, the ethics board approved discontinuance of life infant life support and notified intensive care unit nurses....

[tags: Ethics, Decision making, Health care] - Should Nancy Cruzan, who suffered brain damage from a car accident, be hooked to a life sustaining machine for the rest of her life.

On the other hand, families contend that there is still hope. My own view is that they should allow the families to make the decision whether to keep them on life support or not....

[tags: Death, Life, Patient, Intensive care medicine] - Life support is an issue that is very controversial, people on both side have strong opinions.

[tags: Daily Life, Function, Cerebrum, Movement] - Miller, Madison Mrs. Its a huge controversial topic weather it right or not.

Carty English 1 Honors 4-30-14 Euthanasia A person on life support is a hanging by a thread. Euthanasia is ending someone 's life to relieve a certain amount of pain.

[tags: Euthanasia, Death, Medical ethics] - The Controversy Behind Life Support The decision to be able to prolong life has been one of the most controversial topic for years now.

Many people believe that life support isn’t benefiting the person just only making the person live longer and others believe that it’s a chance the patients can come off life support breathing on their own which there has been many cases where patients have awakened from life support.

Nurses and doctors must take care of his every need, every hour of the day. The way to end this hero’s suffering is euthanasia.

He should have the right to treat the pain with a quick, dignified, and compassionate death when it seems to be the only way out....


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