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Suddenly, I heard a voice saying, “What will you do now? I felt like a bird kept in a cage because I could not follow my mind and I had to obey my parents. I only knew what my responsibilities were and about my economic problems. When I used to see my mother’s rough hands that smelled of roots, her face covered with darkness, my eyes filled with tears. She worked like a machine in the field, ignoring day and night just to feed us. I passed my time crying like a small baby at the beginning. I knew my parents could not afford to pay for my higher education. One fine morning, I made a decision that I would talk with my father about my higher education in medicine.

” I looked around, but again the voice came, “How will you fulfill your innocent father’s dream? My small village with my family seems like a different world for me. My past was dark; it could never give me joy, instead it took away my present joyful moments. I did not want to blame him because it was not his fault. I completed my schooling from a normal school in the village. My father loved us very much, as we were his blood, his children. I also kept in mind the purpose that I came to Kathmandu. My mother had already told me that my father was regretting not fulfilling our desires. I picked another topic and began to talk about my life in the capital. I wanted to become a doctor,” because I already knew that he could not afford to pay my fee.

It is a tragedy when a child or children lose their mother's at a young age.

You may be surprised when we say that an essay conclusion is, in some ways, comparable to a piece of text as emotive as say, Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech. Ultimately, when you conclude an essay, you want to engage the reader's emotions, whether they be excitement, surprise, contemplation, or a mix of these and more.

In time, a mother's daughters will grow up to be mothers themselves.

Never underestimate the influence that a mother has over a child.Mothers have incredible power over their children that they must be respect.It is a tragedy for a child when the mother is not someone who looks after the child properly.In the morning the sun rises, clearing the blanket of darkness and bringing the light of new hope among the people.This day’s birds dance and sing a song of freedom in the sky.The river beside my house flows, making a loud sound and encouraging men and women to get ready to go into the field.On one such day, I was sitting at the corner of my house enjoying the beauty and thinking deeply about my life. I still remember the days and moments when my drunkard father came home and beat my mother. Time passed in such a way that I had to leave my house. At first I was excited, because I was going to the capital for the first time in my life. I was alone despite being surrounded by thousands of people. My father grew older and gave up alcohol and that was the greatest day of my life. They always encouraged me to study, but they were helpless and university was not affordable.It was the fault of the alcohol which made him drunk. I wanted to know, why was there a huge gap between people? Would I ever be able to get an answer to this question? Even though he was responsible for the suffering of my poor mother, I never blamed him for this because it was written in my fate. I believe beside every wrong deed there is a reason. I knew I should not have forgiven him, but what to do? I joined college and started studying science on a scholarship. I could read his unspoken words through his unconfident and slow voice.My mother remained alive only for her small lovely and innocent children. When I felt I was grown up, I made a promise to myself and god that I would struggle and I would give all the happiness to my mother that god had taken away from us. I always remained obedient with my parents because I always thought about them before making any sorts of decisions in my life.Mother's Day is a day when children stop and say thank you to mom for all she has done over the years.Young children make mothers homemade cards that bring tears to mother's eyes and make her realize that it is all worth it.


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