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There has been much theorizing under the heading of “post-secular” about the problem of religious participation in public discourse.

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Dillon, in her work, has looked at Catholic bishop’s arguments against legalizing divorce in Ireland.Dillon has found that pro-change Catholics use theological arguments to claim their legitimate social identity.“The Catholics I had studied,” she says, “were clearly grounding their emancipatory claims for greater equality within religious reasoning.Mormon, Catholic, and evangelical groups have stated that they want to “defend traditional marriage,” and that their religious beliefs commit them to that position.However, when one looks at the legal briefs filed by religious groups in the landmark Supreme Court case Hollingsworth v.Though I had just moved to Germany and just begun to study German, I knew what they were saying. In his more recent work, with his turn to the post-secular, Habermas corrects this. while he’s bringing religion back in, into the public sphere, he’s doing so very much in a Habermasian way.” According to Dillon, one problem with Habermasian toleration of religion is that it only allows for a very narrow definition of religion.“Bible” is the same in German and English and I knew the word for the verb, “to read.” Also they were Jehovah’s Witnesses. He acknowledges that religious reasoning does have a place in pluralist democracies, and yet that toleration still has limits. Religion is only acceptable, publicly, when it exhibits a “high rationality.” In this way, he is still excluding a lot of religious reasoning and barring many religious people from public discourse.Living in a country where you don’t know the language means you have a great excuse for not talking to Jehovah’s Witnesses. Sociologist Michelle Dillon makes a similar (but not identical) critique of Habermas and the post-secular in her interview with the Religious Studies Project.To be completely honest, I actually did understand the two Witnesses when they came to my door. She notes that in his earlier work on communicative action, Habermas didn’t speak of religious participation in public discourse, implicitly excluding it.She found that the bishops made sociological claims about the effects of divorce on women, children, and society.They did not just invoke their own authority, nor rely on Catholic moral teaching.


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