Essay About Traditional Family And Modern Family

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Middle-class, child-focused families under the leadership of wage-earning husbands became the norm, although it took a lot of time to make that family.

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All in all, it is evident that the nuclear family of the ’50s was built around the necessity of a secure life.

Coontz (34) expresses his feelings of the nuclear family being the building block of society.

He believes that the family structure is ideal family for the modern society as it nurtures morality and discipline among children.

Families carried out all their activities together and lived within friendly neighborhoods. In fact, in the earlier times, girls lived with their parents’ home until the point of marriage and rarely attended college (Graff 32).

Graff (26) portrays children as emotional instead of economic assets, given that they were always close to their parents and happened to be the center of the family.


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