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These chains of events led to more and more Jews to leave the country in 1938 and 939 (Lyons, 2010).

Hitler decided that the final solution to the Jewish question was extermination.

Hitler had planned to expel the Jews from Germany and other territories under his rule from the time he came into power.

The Jews were the damned and from the start of Hitler’s rule they never stood a chance.

Hitler wanted all of these countries in the Greater Reich.

The Jews were not included in this and from the start Hitler did not approve of them.

The word “Holocaust” means a “burnt sacrifice offered solely to God” (Niewyk, 2011).

Once the Holocaust was over around 6 million Jews had been persecuted by the Nazis (Ushmm, 2013).

After this attack the Nazis killed 100 Jews and arrested 30,000 others (Lyons, 2010).

Their synagogues and shops were burned and destroyed.


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