Essay About My Best Friend

Whenever you have something you need to talk about and you can’t tell anyone you should be able to tell your friend. If you decide to surround yourself with negative people who don’t have anything to look forward to in life, then you’re setting yourself up to be unsuccessful.

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Formatting and structuring your work is not that hard if you know some tips, but it will take some time.

Remember that it’s a very personal piece of writing, so try to include warm memories from the past.

Studies say human need friendships and love to survive. There is no real definition of friendship, because there’s no one way you can define it.

Friendships can mean many different things, depending on the person.

It can take you a long time to consider someone your friend.

Maybe you have to get to know them before you become their friend.

Growing up in school you have your friends in 1st, then in Jr.

High, and then when you get to high school you might not even know or see your friends from 1st grade anymore.

Are maybe your someone who’s scared of being alone so you need friends there to help you cope with your fear. If you don’t trust your friend, well they’re not really your friend.

I think you should be able to tell your friend anything that come to your head. ..goal oriented people you will most likely get the best out of life.


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