Essay About All Quiet On The Western Front

Essay About All Quiet On The Western Front-83
Later on, they meet Himmelstoss again at the front during an offensive where Paul finds him cowering in a shell hole pretending to be wounded, only to see him overcome with some kind of blind courage and join the next wave of troops charging forwards.

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Though the war stopped and a few of them survived the war, they were mentally destroyed by the effects of the war.

In both the novels above, the soldiers suffer mentally and emotionally by the effects of the war, and though they joined the war voluntarily, the things that they carry emotionally and mentally are too much to bear and destroy them emotionally.

These items are significant of people trying to escape from reality by seeking comfort and attention in the Bible, or the love that they once had in life.

By seeking emotional comfort from these items, the soldiers portray a case of emotional breakup in the war; they struggle to have consolation by shifting the attention from the battlefront.

He had been shot in the leg, which had to be amputated as a result.

While under anaesthetic his watch was stolen and while visiting, Paul and his friends Kropp and Muller are told by medics that they do not expect Kemmerich to last much longer. Middle The men see this as an abuse of Kantorek's power of influence over them.

He becomes more humble, timid and appears to want to be friendly with the other men. Before Himmelstoss was intent on using his power whenever possible but after he sees what the other men have to go through, he seems to regret it and wants to be their comrade. I thought of your hand-grenades, of your bayonet, of your rifle; now I see your wife and your face and your fellowship.

The offensive in which Paul finds Himmelstoss also highlights the theme of waste of life. Conclusion In expressing his regret he says; "But you were only an idea to me... Forgive me Comrade." This again demonstrates how Paul feels about the Russians.

Muller is killed and Paul inherits the boots that Muller had, in turn received from Kemmerich, and Katczinsky was hit by shrapnel and died of his wounds. His death is described in a brief paragraph where the tense and viewpoint change from the present tense and through Paul's eyes to past tense and in third person.

This change of tense and viewpoint shows the impersonal way in which soldiers are seen when they die.


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