Erik Erikson Developmental Stages Essay

Erik Erikson Developmental Stages Essay-89
In the identity stage, pubescence is characterized by rapid body changes, which enhance sexual awareness.

In the identity stage, pubescence is characterized by rapid body changes, which enhance sexual awareness.

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If a child fails to achieve his goals, he may suffer from guilt and seem powerless if ridiculed by peers (Nevid, 2008, p.349). inferiority is a stage that occurs between six to 12 years, whereby children are eager to learn, hence developing through reading, writing, and communicating.

However, children at this stage can be rebellious; nevertheless, if children perform competently in school and in extra- curriculum activities, they result to being industrious by taking up a role in these activities.

In this stage, adolescents develop a sense of personal identity, while avoiding the dangers of diffusion and confusion.

Identity achievement is achieved when an individual recognizes his strengths and weaknesses and determines the best way to deal with them. Identity confusion ends as adults understand identities and fit in well socially.

In this stage, a child will develop special interests in specific things, such as music.

However, when parents are too strict, they may hinder the child’s attempt to venture into new challenges.

They also learn risk taking in the process of learning, for instant, crossing the road alone or riding a bicycle without wearing a helmet.

A child may also develop a sense of frustration for not being able to achieve his goals.

Self-confidence is developed in most children at this stage, as they recognize their talents such as in sports or music. identity confusion occurs in adolescence between 12-18 years.

The adolescents are usually concerned with their personality in the presence of others, as they develop a sexual identity.


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