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Environment Essays Ielts-5
Rich nations that are technologically and scientifically more advanced should share the technical know-how with poor and developing nations so that they can also take advantage of newer and greener technologies for a better tomorrow.

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When they are exposed to nature in land dumps, they can make the environment a more toxic place.

It is an unspoken agreement that the larger demand causes for larger exploitation.

Of course, there is a need for development but it is time we said no to development that destroys the planet.

This is especially true for Speaking Part 3 and Writing Task 2.

It has become so widespread that a world without it is quite unimaginable, toothbrushes to medical machinery are all made up of plastic.

From the making of it (made from refined crude oil) to the eventual largely improper disposal, it is one major bio hazard all the way through. Despite electronics being fairly new to this world, they have already caused more than their fair share of environmental damage.

This essay will look at the reasons behind this issue and propose some solutions.

One of the main causes comes in the form of the infamous material plastic.

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant example from your own knowledge or experience. In today’s materialistic world, the demand and production of consumer goods are rising at an unprecedented rate.

This trend is exacerbating an enormous pressure on the environment.


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